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Harvey Weinstein Tsunami

Violence. Threats. Begging. Harvey Weinstein’s 30-year pattern of abuse in Hollywood. Washington Post by Monica Hesse and Dan Zak – October 14, 2017 In 1984, Harvey Weinstein was 32 years old and making one of his first real feature films, on location outside of Scranton, Pa. It was a comedy called “Playing for Keeps,” featuring a not-yet-famous Marisa Tomei, and the mood on set was […]

Bi-Partisan Sexual Harassment

Sexual Misconduct in California’s Capitol Is Difficult to Escape New York Times By Jess Bidgood, Miriam Jordan and Adam Nagourney Oct. 29, 2017 SACRAMENTO — There were the demeaning personal chores she said her boss assigned her, like buying a shower curtain and blankets. And there was the time that he appeared at the door of his apartment with his pants open, she said, exposing […]

Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports

Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse Act will help prevent sex abuse in sports The Hill by Kimberlee D. Norris and Jeffrey S. Love – June 20, 2017 WASHINGTON D.C. In March 2017, the United States Senate introduced Senate Bill 534 (S.534) aimed at preventing child sexual abuse in youth sport contexts. Two months later, the United States House of Representatives introduced House Bill 1973 […]

Tech Industry Sexism

Startup CEO from S.F. charged with felony assault, child sexual abuse The Mercury News by Ethan Baron, October 20, 2017 SAN JOSE A prominent San Francisco tech CEO has been arrested and charged with felony assault, sexually abusing a child and committing battery against police and emergency workers while resisting arrest, according to new reports. Zain Jaffer, 29, is alleged to have sexually assaulted and […]

Elder Sexual Abuse

America’s hidden horror: Sexual abuse in nursing homes and care facilities Kansas City Star by Mark Davis and Ian Cummings Early one afternoon in March 2015, an authoritative knock stirred Mark Allen Keeney into answering the door to Room 6 of a motel in southeast Missouri. A sheriff’s deputy and police chief wanted to know who was with him. They found empty beer cans and […]

Increase in Sexual Harassment Suits in the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant world braces for its Harvey Weinstein meltdown NY Post by Kirsten Fleming – November 4, 2017 NEW YORK CITY A few weeks ago, a woman filed a shocking sexual-harassment suit against a celebrated and powerful New York City figure — and it wasn’t Harvey Weinstein. Gabrielle Eubank claimed chef Todd English and members of his Plaza Hotel Food Hall staff sexually harassed her, […]

Sexual Abuse

Holding Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse Accountable Sexual abuse is an ongoing crisis in the United States. Our firm’s founder, Deborah Barron is devoted to the legal battle against sexual abuse. As a California sexual abuse attorney, she is committed to standing up for the rights and fight for survivors of abuse and offers passionate and aggressive legal representation on behalf of her clients. Giving Victims […]

Employment Law

Many employees believe that they do not have the right to hold supervisors, business owners and colleagues accountable for retaliation, sexual harassment, pregnancy discrimination or other forms of discrimination and unlawful treatment in the workplace. The truth is, employees have rights under the law. Sacramento employee rights lawyer Deborah Barron has been helping workers combat unlawful employment practices since 1991. Built on her experience, the […]

Personal Injury

At the Barron Law Corporation, we are focused on helping injured people. We understand that the aftermath of an accident is painful and confusing. That is why we offer our clients in Sacramento and California’s Central Valley our full attention. We take time to explain the law and how it applies to your situation. More than that, we do our best to level the playing […]