Former ‘ER’ star Anthony Edwards says Gary Goddard molested him ‘for years’

Former ‘ER’ star Anthony Edwards says Gary Goddard molested him ‘for years’

USA Today by Erin Jensen – November 29, 2017

SANTA BARBARA The actor, now 55, said Goddard, 63, taught him “the value of acting,” and served as a leader for Edwards’ group of friends. Edwards says Goddard also used the void of his emotionally unavailable father to manipulate him.

“Everyone has the need to bond, and I was no exception,” said Edwards. “My vulnerability was exploited. I was molested by Goddard, my best friend was raped by him — and this went on for years. The group of us, the gang, stayed quiet.”

Goddard directed the 1987 live-action He-Man film Masters of the Universe. He later founded the Goddard Group, an entertainment design firm. It produced 2009’s Tony Award-winning revival of the musical Hair as well as several theme-park attractions for Universal Studios and Six Flags.

Celebrity Photographer Terry Richardson Has Been Banned From Top Magazines After Years Of Allegations From Models

Buzzfeed by Mark Di Stefano – October 24, 2017
Terry Richardson has been banned from working with some of the world’s top magazines, including Vogue, GQ, and Vanity Fair, amid debate around sexual harassment and assault allegations that have been levelled against the celebrity photographer over several years, according to reports today.

The Telegraph obtained an email sent to Condé Nast International staff on Monday morning from the company’s executive vice president James Woolhouse that read: “I am writing to you on an important matter. Condé Nast would like to no longer work with the photographer Terry Richardson.”

According to the email, Woolhouse instructed Condé Nast International — the publisher of fashion magazines like Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, and Glamour — that all work commissioned for Richardson should be “killed or substituted with other material”.

Corey Feldman Is Crowdfunding a Documentary to Expose Pedophilia in Hollywood

Vulture By Halle Kiefer – October 25, 2017
LOS ANGELES Corey Feldman is calling for an investigation into the sexual abuse of child performers in Hollywood, a problem the Stand by Me actor says is prevalent and industry-wide. He recounted his own molestation, as well as that suffered by his friend Corey Haim, in his 2013 memoir, and in a 2016 Hollywood Reporter interview he said this of the abuse: “Ask anybody in our group of kids at that time: They were passing us back and forth to each other.” Now, in the wake of the sexual-harassment and assault allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein, Feldman has launched the “TRUTH Campaign” in an attempt to expose pedophilia in the entertainment industry with a documentary about his life and his personal experience with abuse. “What I am proposing is a plan that can literally change the entertainment system as we know it,” Feldman says in the campaign announcement video. “I believe that I can also bring down, potentially, a pedophile ring that I have been aware of since I was a child.”

Roy Price’s Alleged Trail of Drinking and Sexual Harassment Challenges Amazon’s Culture

Wall Street Journal by Joe Flint, Ben Fritz and Laura Stevens – November 6, 2017 is legendary for trying to know everything about its customers. When it came to its entertainment unit and the executive in charge there, though, the company appears to have fallen down on the job.

Amazon Studios Chairman Roy Price abruptly resigned in mid-October after details emerged publicly of an alleged incident of sexual harassment.​ Since then, Amazon has made a series of management changes at the studio to address a range of concerns. Three of Mr. Price’s top lieutenants have been fired or left.

Interviews with current and former executives, as well as with producers who have worked with Amazon Studios, paint a picture of alleged misconduct by Mr. Price that goes well beyond the public allegations that appear to have played a role in his departure. In addition, business troubles were allowed to fester, some of these people said.

Ashley Judd, Mira Sorvino thank Peter Jackson for ‘being honest’ about Weinstein blacklist by Dani McDonald – December 16, 2017
AUKLAND NEW ZEALAND Two Hollywood actresses have thanked Sir Peter Jackson for speaking out about Harvey Weinstein and his brother, saying they orchestrated a smear campaign that led to him blacklisting them both.

Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino were responding on Twitter to a Stuff story in which Jackson spoke of the blacklist as a result of the actions of accused sexual predator Weinstein and his brother Bob, describing the pair as “second-rate Mafia bullies”.

Judd and Sorvino have both publicly claimed Weinstein sexual harassed them, and they both missed out on roles in Jackson’s Lord of the Rings films because of what the brothers had said about them.

Terry Crews: ‘Men Need to Hold Other Men Accountable’

Time Magazine by Eliana Dockterman – December 6, 2017
ORANGE COUNTY When dozens of women came forward with sexual assault and harassment allegations against Harvey Weinstein—who has continued to deny all allegations of non-consensual sex—actor Terry Crews noticed that some people on Twitter were skeptical. Crews knows from personal experience how hard it is to experience harassment and muster the courage to speak out: He says he was groped by William Morris Endeavor agent Adam Venit at an industry event in front of his wife. The agency said they suspended and demoted Venit, who declined to comment for this article. He has since returned to work. Crews is now suing Venit and the agency for sexual assault.

Crews—who was recognized as one of the Silence Breakers, TIME’s Person of the Year—realized that men had a responsibility to lend credence and support to these women’s claims. Almost without thinking through the consequences, Crews tweeted out his own story; in his viral series of tweets, he became one of the first men to join the chorus of women speaking out about harassment.

Taylor Swift to Sexual Assault Survivors: ‘Do Not Accept the Blame’

People Magazine by Nick Maslow – December 06, 2017
TIME’s Person of the Year is not just an individual, but a brave group: The Silence Breakers. Taylor Swift is one of those people, appearing on the magazine cover nearly four months after a jury in Denver ruled that a former radio host, David Mueller, assaulted Swift at a concert meet-and-greet event in June 2013.

“Even though awareness is higher than ever about workplace sexual harassment, there are still so many people who feel victimized, afraid and silenced by their abusers and circumstances,” Swift told TIME for the issue. “When the jury found in my favor, the man who sexually assaulted me was court-ordered to give me a symbolic $1. To this day he has not paid me that dollar, and I think that act of defiance is symbolic in itself.”

Mueller sued Swift for defamation after he lost his job — Swift privately reported to Mueller’s radio station that he reached under her skirt and grabbed her rear end — but Swift countersued. “I figured that if he would be brazen enough to assault me under these risky circumstances and high stakes, imagine what he might do to a vulnerable, young artist if given the chance,” she explained to TIME.

2 More Men Accuse Kevin Spacey of Sexual Misconduct: ‘It Was My Word Against His’

People Magazine by Phil Boucher, Patrick Gomez, and Michele Corriston – November 06, 2017
Two more men have come forward accusing Kevin Spacey of sexual misconduct, telling PEOPLE that Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp alleging that Spacey made inappropriate sexual advances towards him when he was just 14 inspired them to go public, too.

A representative for the 58-year-old House of Cards star told PEOPLE that Spacey is “is taking the time necessary to seek evaluation and treatment.”

Kris Nixon, a 30-year-old bartender from Belfast, Northern Ireland, says he was working at the Lounge34 cocktail bar in the Waterloo district of London, where Spacey frequented while serving as artistic director of the Old Vic Theatre. (The bar has since closed.)

Bi-Partisan Sexual Harassment

Sexual Misconduct in California’s Capitol Is Difficult to Escape
New York Times By Jess Bidgood, Miriam Jordan and Adam Nagourney Oct. 29, 2017
SACRAMENTO — There were the demeaning personal chores she said her boss assigned her, like buying a shower curtain and blankets. And there was the time that he appeared at the door of his apartment with his pants open, she said, exposing himself to her when she went to pick him up for a vote.

An assemblyman tried to force himself on her. Here’s what she’d tell him if she could
BY PAULA TREAT Special to The Bee December 31, 2017

I’ve spent 43 years in politics, which may make me the dean of women lobbyists in Sacramento. I’ve had my share of #MeToo moments, but one stands out because it changed my life.

I had become interested in politics in the late 1960s and got my start in Washington in 1975 working for Rep. Harold ‘Bizz’ Johnson, a gentleman and a powerhouse who delivered for his Northern California district.

Then I became a lobbyist and learned to deal with often being the only woman in the room. Once, I walked into the office of the chief of staff of a powerful congressional committee, who told me: “I do my work on the golf course or the mattress. What’s it going to be?”

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner Will Resign Amid Sexual-Harassment Scandal

CBS Sacramento – August 23, 2013

SAN DIEGO (AP) – Mayor Bob Filner agreed Friday to resign on Aug. 30, bowing to enormous pressure after lurid sexual harassment allegations brought by at least 17 women eroded his support after just nine months on the job.

The City Council voted 7-0 on a deal that ends a political stalemate after more than a dozen women publicly identified themselves as targets of unwanted advances, including touching, forcible kisses and lurid comments.


With the retirement of Alex Kozinski, the Weinstein effect hits the federal courts.

The New Republic by Jeet Heer – December 18, 2017

SAN FRANCISCO As a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco, where he served as chief justice from 2007 to 2014, Kozinski has been one of the most influential American jurists. Appointed by Ronald Reagan, Kozinski has been a staunch defender of civil liberties. Now, amid an investigation of multiple complaints of sexual misconduct, many of which come from former clerks, Kozinski is retiring. “It grieves me to learn that I caused any of my clerks to feel uncomfortable; this was never my intent,” Kozinski said in a statement. “For this I sincerely apologize.”

Stephen Colbert Doesn’t Think Much of Al Franken’s Apologies

New York Times By Giovanni Russonello – November 17, 2017

NEW YORK CITY The “Late Show” host was utterly unsatisfied by the senator’s initial apology to Leeann Tweeden, who said Mr. Franken kissed her without consent and posed for a photograph groping her as she slept. Mr. Franken said the photo was meant to be funny.

“O.K., ‘intended to be funny but wasn’t?’ No. Your movie ‘Stuart Saves His Family’ was intended to be funny but wasn’t. That photo was intended to embarrass her — that’s why he did it while she was asleep. Nobody goes up to their buddy when he’s awake and says, ‘Hey, can I draw a penis on your forehead?’” — STEPHEN COLBERT.

Christine Pelosi discusses ongoing sexual misconduct scandals

SAN FRANCISO Democratic Party strategist and daughter of House Minority Leader Nanci Pelosi stopped by ABC7 News Friday to discuss the ongoing sexual misconduct scandals plaguing the U.S. Government, Hollywood, and various workplaces around the country.

She made a bold statement at California’s State Capitol saying, “Because what everybody here knows is that we have rapists in this building, we have molesters among us.”



Report: California Legislature’s Sexual Harassment Settlements Total Nearly $2 Million

Capital Public Radio by Chris Nichols – December 1, 2017
The California Legislature has paid out $1.9 million for sexual harassment complaints involving 17 staffers or key aides over the past 25 years. That’s according to a comprehensive report by Ryan Hughes of Tuple Legal, a nonprofit political research firm in Los Angeles.

The payout figure is nearly twice what’s been reported in the media.

Hughes, a former Capitol staffer, spoke on Capital Public Radio’s Insight program on Friday about why he decided to shed light on the Legislature’s secretive settlements.

“Among female staffers, there’s this informal list of legislators and staffers that they didn’t ever want to be in a room with,” Hughes said. “As you’re having these conversations, there was just a sense of hopelessness that that’s how it was and that’s how it would always be. So, frankly, I’m happy that the Legislature is finally having to come to grips with this.”

Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports

Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse Act will help prevent sex abuse in sports

The Hill by Kimberlee D. Norris and Jeffrey S. Love – June 20, 2017
WASHINGTON D.C. In March 2017, the United States Senate introduced Senate Bill 534 (S.534) aimed at preventing child sexual abuse in youth sport contexts. Two months later, the United States House of Representatives introduced House Bill 1973 (H.R.1973), virtually identical to its sister bill in the Senate, but more expansive.

Both pieces of legislation seek to broaden existing federal statutes. Though not yet law, each bill received near unanimous approval in respective chambers. It can be reasonably anticipated, therefore, that congress will pass the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse Act of 2017 in a form incorporating the identical provisions from each bill.

Why victims of sexual assault often don’t press charges

Yakima Valley Herald by Molly Rosbach – December 5, 2017

YAKIMA – The deluge of high-profile sexual assault and harassment allegations in the news has barely stopped over the past two months. But a common response to decades-old claims is, why didn’t the victim report this sooner?

Mental health experts, law enforcement and victim advocates all say the same thing: Faced with a legal system in which reporting a sexual crime often means further trauma and no guarantee of justice, many victims feel they are better off staying silent.

“A lot of times, we have people come and they report things, and we have to tell them that the prosecutor’s not going to take this case,” said Detective Curtis Oja with the Yakima Police Department’s Special Assault Unit. “We’d like to be able to say that we solve every single case that comes through … but these cases are sometimes more difficult to prove than a homicide. With a homicide, you at least have that one crucial piece of evidence: the body.”


Sacramento St. Francis High School sued by sex abuse victim

ABC News10 Staff – December 19, 2017

Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas says she was also abused by Larry Nassar

ESPN – November 29, 2017

Three-time gold medalist Gabby Douglas has become the third member of the “Fierce Five” U.S. women’s team to say she was abused by a former USA Gymnastics team doctor.

She made her allegations public as she was apologizing in a statement issued Tuesday for her comment on Twitter last week about ex-teammate Aly Raisman’s stance on sexual assault victims.

Tech Industry Sexism

Startup CEO from S.F. charged with felony assault, child sexual abuse

The Mercury News by Ethan Baron, October 20, 2017
SAN JOSE A prominent San Francisco tech CEO has been arrested and charged with felony assault, sexually abusing a child and committing battery against police and emergency workers while resisting arrest, according to new reports.

Zain Jaffer, 29, is alleged to have sexually assaulted and attacked his son, 3, and also harmed his one-year-old daughter, AdAge reported Oct. 20.

Vanity Fair by Maya Kosoff – Septemter 12, 2017
The chain reaction sparked by Susan Fowler, who accused Uber in February of fostering a toxic culture of sexism and harassment, continues to ripple through Silicon Valley, inspiring more women to come forward with accounts of gender discrimination and fueling a wave of resignations throughout the tech industry. Three months after she published the blog post that upended Uber, C.E.O. Travis Kalanick resigned, following some 20 other ousted employees out the door. Uber, of course, was not an anomaly, as the past weeks have made clear. And growing numbers of women are speaking up and making themselves heard. This week alone, the C.E.O. of another billion-dollar start-up resigned, and a venture-capital firm further distanced itself from its ousted founder.

Uber pledges $5 million to sexual assault prevention
WQAD – 6, 2017

(CNN Money) — Following its sexual harassment scandal, Uber is pledging $5 million toward sexual assault and domestic violence prevention.

The ridesharing company announced the effort on Monday on the heels of sexual harassment and assault reports hitting Hollywood, media and the tech industry.

Elder Sexual Abuse

America’s hidden horror: Sexual abuse in nursing homes and care facilities

Kansas City Star by Mark Davis and Ian Cummings

Early one afternoon in March 2015, an authoritative knock stirred Mark Allen Keeney into answering the door to Room 6 of a motel in southeast Missouri.

A sheriff’s deputy and police chief wanted to know who was with him. They found empty beer cans and two women, both described in a state health report as mentally ill and under the care of a guardian.

Increase in Sexual Harassment Suits in the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant world braces for its Harvey Weinstein meltdown

NY Post by Kirsten Fleming – November 4, 2017

NEW YORK CITY A few weeks ago, a woman filed a shocking sexual-harassment suit against a celebrated and powerful New York City figure — and it wasn’t Harvey Weinstein.

Gabrielle Eubank claimed chef Todd English and members of his Plaza Hotel Food Hall staff sexually harassed her, alleging that English — who has long been dogged by his womanizing behavior out of the kitchen — gave her unwanted hugs and repeatedly kissed her on the cheek.

“Mr. English then began flagrantly propositioning Ms. Eubanks on the floor, saying she was ‘sexy’ and that he’s ‘surprised you’re still single,’” court papers say. He then tried to “kiss her on the lips, forcing her to turn away,” the papers say.

Oakland chef Charlie Hallowell steps away from restaurants as 17 women accuse him of sexual harassment

San Francisco Chronicle By Tara Duggan – December 27, 2017

OAKLAND Charlie Hallowell, the chef-owner of three popular and celebrated Oakland restaurants, is stepping away from day-to-day operations at his businesses in the face of numerous allegations of sexual harassment and verbal abuse of employees.

Hallowell’s restaurant group — which includes Pizzaiolo, Boot & Shoe Service and Penrose — has retained an outside human resources consultant to perform a full investigation into the company, Hallowell said in an email to The Chronicle Wednesday.

Hallowell’s action comes after 17 former employees accused him in interviews with The Chronicle of sexual harassment and pervasive verbal abuse. The workers, from all three of Hallowell’s restaurants, described a demoralizing work environment where his indecent propositions and abuse of his power were the norm, along with a near-constant stream of sexually explicit language.

James Beard Foundation’s 2016 Outstanding Restaurateur Ken Friedman is Accused of Sexual Harassment

Foodable by Kerri Adams – December 13, 2017

NYC’s The Spotted Pig’s Restaurateur Ken Friedman is accused of sexual harassment by at least 10 staff members. In response, Friedman apologized and will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from managing his restaurants.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! With a heavy heart, we are reporting that multiple sexual harassment accusations have been made against another powerful restaurateur.

As reported by the “New York Times,” Ken Friedman, the operator behind the award winning NYC restaurant The Spotted Pig and winner of the 2016 James Beard Outstanding Restaurateur award, has been accused of sexually harassment from at least 10 members of his staff.