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Do You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse or Elder Abuse? Sacramento, California, Lawyers Can Help.

The elderly, the mentally ill and the disabled are among the most vulnerable segments of our population. Their frailty and dependence on others make them especially vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and fraud from those entrusted to their care.

Representing Clients Who Have Needlessly Suffered
At Barron Law in Sacramento, California, we represent clients who have suffered unconscionable serious personal injury in nursing homes, senior care facilities and group homes. We also represent elderly men and women defrauded by a trusted family member, money manager or friend. Our law firm handles wrongful death claims when a loved one has died from abuse or neglect.
Our experienced personal injury and nursing home abuse lawyers handle nursing home abuse cases that include:

  • Wandering off injuries, falling injuries
  • Being injured from falling, being dropped or being moved improperly
  • Physical, sexual or mental abuse
  • Bedsores and neglectful care after surgery
  • Improper use of restraints causing injury
  • Overmedication or neglected medication causing serious injury
  • Malnutrition, including failure to provide liquid
  • Failure to notice and care for injuries
  • Failure to clean and bathe frail adults

Elder Abuse and Fraud

Elder abuse can occur in the context of a person’s home or apartment. Elder abuse often involves a person in a position of trust using that position to steal money or otherwise commit financial fraud. It can also involve blackmail when a home caregiver or relative refuses to give the elderly victim food until he or she signs money or property over.
Under California law, nursing home damages are tripled under our state’s health and welfare codes. Settlements and verdicts include all attorney fees.

What to Do If You Suspect Abuse
If you suspect that your loved one is being abused, document your loved one’s condition and the abuse you believe he or she has suffered. Take photographs. Call the police. Call the state health boards. Call our law firm. Do whatever is necessary to stop the abuse or end the neglect and get the help you need for your loved one in Sacramento, San Francisco, Walnut Creek and the surrounding areas.

Contact Our Firm — Free Initial Consultation for Prospective Clients
To talk with an experienced, caring and determined lawyer about your concerns, e-mail or call our Sacramento, California, office at (707) 315-9507 to schedule a free initial consultation.

We charge no attorney’s fee until we are able to win financial compensation on your behalf.


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