Sexual Abuse

Holding Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse Accountable

Sexual abuse is an ongoing crisis in the United States. Our firm’s founder, Deborah Barron is devoted to the legal battle against sexual abuse. As a California sexual abuse attorney, she is committed to standing up for the rights and fight for survivors of abuse and offers passionate and aggressive legal representation on behalf of her clients.

Giving Victims a Voice

According to a U.S. Health and Human Services study, more than 83,000 substantiated reports of sexually abused children were made in one year alone. The actual number of incidents of sexual abuse is likely much higher because it is believed that sexual abuse, especially amongst children, is significantly underreported. Sexual abuse and molestation cause great suffering for victims.

Sexual Abuse & Neglect
The abuse and betrayal often arises out of institutions of trust such as schools, day care, youth camps, boy scouts, coaches, doctors, nurses, foster care. Abuse also impacts employees and disabled persons, employees in the work place and travelers on cruise ships. Powerful organizations like the Catholic Church have been able to shelter accused priest and clergy as there continues to be no mention of penalties, censures, or removal from office for bishops who continue to hide and cover up for the abusive priests. Many sexual predators are often wealthy and powerful and able to focus vast resources and high-profile legal teams in an attempt to deflect attention, avoid criminal liability, and deny justice to their victims. Our attorneys also represent victims of child pornography where pedophiles and child molesters collect and distribute child pornography.

Holding Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse Accountable
Because sexual predators tend to abuse more than one victim, pursuing a civil lawsuit can help prevent the person who did the harm from doing the same to another child or person. Sexual Abuse victims are not alone and they have rights to pursue their claims. We want to empower victims to come forward, report crimes and hold perpetrators accountable; thereby educating the community and inspiring others to do the same.

Free Initial Legal Consultation – We Aren’t Paid unless there is a Recovery
Our consultations are free and confidential. If we take your case, we are only paid fees and costs of suit if we succeed in winning a recovery for you. We advance the costs of your case, too, so there’s no cost to you of bringing your lawsuit or claim. It doesn’t matter who a vulnerable child or adult is victimized by – a teacher, neighbor, religious worker, sports coach, family member or other person – children and adults who have been sexually abused have the right to effective legal representation through a high-quality attorney. In many cases, children are persuaded or coerced into sexual activity by a predatory adult. When this happens, the child has been lured or forced into sexual activity when he or she is far too young to make mature decisions or even comprehend the seriousness of the criminal act perpetrated against them. Many survivors will suffer with enduring emotional and psychological damages.

At our firm, we have an incomparable reputation of success in representing such victims, which is why we are considered the leading California law firm handling sexual abuse cases. Sexual abuse is a generic term that can refer to virtually any form of contact intended to sexually stimulate the predator or any third party. This includes molestation, inappropriate touching, child pornography and sexual assault. It may occur once or be repeated by the perpetrator many times. Victims have the right to seek justice.

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– Deborah Barron, Attorney

We want to help victims of any type of abuse get the compensation they deserve. Victims can suffer long-term damage, which is why we are devoted to doing our part in the ongoing battle. If you have been sexually abused, we are ready and willing to get you the legal help that you need. Whether you are ready to fight a case against sexual hazing at school, spousal rape, or sexual harassment through social media, we want to give you the best legal representation we can.

We have helped victims of abuse in San Francisco, Sacramento, Stockton, Monterey, Oakland, Fresno, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Riverside, Santa Ana, San Diego, San Bernardino, and other areas across California. If you or a loved one has been sexually abused we are dedicated and devoted to helping you.

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