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Startup CEO from S.F. charged with felony assault, child sexual abuse

The Mercury News by Ethan Baron, October 20, 2017
SAN JOSE A prominent San Francisco tech CEO has been arrested and charged with felony assault, sexually abusing a child and committing battery against police and emergency workers while resisting arrest, according to new reports.

Zain Jaffer, 29, is alleged to have sexually assaulted and attacked his son, 3, and also harmed his one-year-old daughter, AdAge reported Oct. 20.

Power harassment

Vanity Fair by Maya Kosoff – Septemter 12, 2017
The chain reaction sparked by Susan Fowler, who accused Uber in February of fostering a toxic culture of sexism and harassment, continues to ripple through Silicon Valley, inspiring more women to come forward with accounts of gender discrimination and fueling a wave of resignations throughout the tech industry. Three months after she published the blog post that upended Uber, C.E.O. Travis Kalanick resigned, following some 20 other ousted employees out the door. Uber, of course, was not an anomaly, as the past weeks have made clear. And growing numbers of women are speaking up and making themselves heard. This week alone, the C.E.O. of another billion-dollar start-up resigned, and a venture-capital firm further distanced itself from its ousted founder.

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Uber pledges $5 million to sexual assault prevention
WQAD – 6, 2017

(CNN Money) — Following its sexual harassment scandal, Uber is pledging $5 million toward sexual assault and domestic violence prevention.

The ridesharing company announced the effort on Monday on the heels of sexual harassment and assault reports hitting Hollywood, media and the tech industry.