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Deborah has been providing legal protection under the law for over 20 years. You can trust in the services she offers. Your harassers and abusers have not respected you. Deborah can provide you with the respect and protection you deserve.

From the start to finish, we fight for your rights. Since 2001, serving clients and helping them resolve their complex cases. You can look to Deborah for the protection you require.

Accountability – our guiding principals. We give a voice to the families and victims of sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual abuse. We are particularly passionate about protecting the rights of children and elders who have been victims of sexual abuse or assault. Whether it occurred at school, work, after school program, day care, church, nursing home, by a teacher, doctor, coach or supervisor, we will hold the abusers and their employers accountable.

If you think you have a strong case for a sexual harassment or sexual abuse lawsuit, it is essential that you contact an attorney immediately. These cases are complex and in many cases you have only 12 months to file your claim before the statute of limitations runs out.

Our team is ready to help you receive justice. Please call today!

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Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual harassment is one of the most traumatic and challenging things for employees to deal with in the workplace. You may feel trapped, unable to tell anyone for fear of being fired or reprimanded. If you are being subjected to harassment by your boss or a co-worker, speak to an attorney about your options.

Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyers

At the Barron Law Corporation, we are fully equipped to protect employees whose rights have been violated as a result of sexual harassment. Led by Sacramento sexual harassment attorney Deborah Barron, we have represented victims of harassment since 1991. We will explain the law to you in clear language and give you compassionate, accurate advice. We understand that you and your family are under stress because of the situation. Our team will be by your side every step of the way and will always be available to answer questions as they come up. (more…)

Sexual Abuse

Holding Perpetrators of Sexual Abuse Accountable

Sexual abuse is an ongoing crisis in the United States. Our firm’s founder, Deborah Barron is devoted to the legal battle against sexual abuse. As a California sexual abuse attorney, she is committed to standing up for the rights and fight for survivors of abuse and offers passionate and aggressive legal representation on behalf of her clients.

Giving Victims a Voice

According to a U.S. Health and Human Services study, more than 83,000 substantiated reports of sexually abused children were made in one year alone. The actual number of incidents of sexual abuse is likely much higher because it is believed that sexual abuse, especially amongst children, is significantly underreported. Sexual abuse and molestation cause great suffering for victims. (more…)
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Ms. Barron was especially successful when fighting for me in a sexual harassment case. She is a tough, no-nonsense attorney that fights for your rights. She regularly takes on large corporations and wins. . Sexual harassment still exists and sadly, it is out there everywhere. When any of my colleagues ask if I can suggest an attorney, without hesitation I tell them, Deborah Barron. She is the best.

Florence Lodge via Facebook

Florence Lodge via Facebook

Deborah and staff are very compassionate in all they do. Knowledge is foremost and doing the right thing at the right time. I live out of state and Deborah is always accessible to my calls and inquiries and always makes me feel as if I were her only client. I know she is a busy person but her attitude is always so warm and reassuring. Thank you.

Mary Lou R. via Facebook

Mary Lou R. via Facebook

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Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse Act will help prevent sex abuse in sports The Hill by Kimberlee D. Norris and Jeffrey S. Love – June 20, 2017 WASHINGTON D.C. In March 2017, the United States Senate introduced Senate Bill 534 (S.534) aimed at preventing child sexual abuse in youth sport contexts. Two months later, the United States House of Representatives introduced House Bill 1973 […]

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Startup CEO from S.F. charged with felony assault, child sexual abuse The Mercury News by Ethan Baron, October 20, 2017 SAN JOSE A prominent San Francisco tech CEO has been arrested and charged with felony assault, sexually abusing a child and committing battery against police and emergency workers while resisting arrest, according to new reports. Zain Jaffer, 29, is alleged to have sexually assaulted and […]

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America’s hidden horror: Sexual abuse in nursing homes and care facilities Kansas City Star by Mark Davis and Ian Cummings Early one afternoon in March 2015, an authoritative knock stirred Mark Allen Keeney into answering the door to Room 6 of a motel in southeast Missouri. A sheriff’s deputy and police chief wanted to know who was with him. They found empty beer cans and […]

Increase in Sexual Harassment Suits in the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant world braces for its Harvey Weinstein meltdown NY Post by Kirsten Fleming – November 4, 2017 NEW YORK CITY A few weeks ago, a woman filed a shocking sexual-harassment suit against a celebrated and powerful New York City figure — and it wasn’t Harvey Weinstein. Gabrielle Eubank claimed chef Todd English and members of his Plaza Hotel Food Hall staff sexually harassed her, […]

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Deborah began her career at the Law Offices of Melvin Belli, San Francisco’s King of Torts, working on high profile, complex, multi-party plaintiff litigation. She went on to work for various corporate and insurance defense firms in San Francisco representing real estate developers and Tech companies in complex litigation and insurance coverage litigation. After moving to Sacramento she opened her own law firm in 2005 to pursue her passion to provide services to individuals rather than the large corporations she had been representing. For the past 10 years, Deborah has worked for the Courts as a mediator and also provides mediation services to the public.
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