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Sexual harassment is one of the most traumatic and challenging things for employees to deal with in the workplace. You may feel trapped, unable to tell anyone for fear of being fired or reprimanded. If you are being subjected to harassment by your boss or a co-worker, speak to an attorney about your options.

Experienced Sexual Harassment Lawyers
At the Barron Law, we are fully equipped to protect employees whose rights have been violated as a result of sexual harassment. Led by Walnut Creek sexual harassment attorney Deborah Barron, we have represented victims of harassment since 1991. We will explain the law to you in clear language and give you compassionate, accurate advice. We understand that you and your family are under stress because of the situation. Our team will be by your side every step of the way and will always be available to answer questions as they come up.

Recognizing Sexual Harassment
While certain acts, like touching or assault, are obviously harassment, there are many other behaviors that are unlawful that are less obvious. Some examples include:

  • A sexually offensive work environment
  • Offensive e-mails
  • Sexual comments
  • Sexual favors for advancement/quid pro quo
  • Unwanted touching and other forms of sexual assault

Know Your Rights
If you think you have been sexually harassed or are being subjected to a hostile work environment, you may have cause to seek damages against your employer. This is your right as an employee under federal and state law. However, there are a number of deadlines and procedures that must be followed. Speak to an experienced employment law attorney at the Barron Law as soon as possible so you can preserve your right to file a claim.

Contact a Walnut Creek, California, Sexual Discrimination Attorney for a free consultation.
To discuss your employment law concerns and your rights as an employee, please call toll-free 800-LAW-5908. We also offer a free case evaluation via e-mail for prospective clients.


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